This Design is now Obsolete! Check out Hazard V2:

KTM Duke 125/200/390 Hazard lights V2 is here!


I have had a lot interest generated in the KTM Duke 200/125 flasher I designed for my bike. Finally its been put into production and is for sale. It is a device that plugs straight into the KTM’s alarm connector and flashes the indicator in patterns. It makes it look more like a police light with some effects.


  • 12 different flash patters, one patrol bike like auto changing pattern
  • completely waterproof
  • Safe and easy to install
  • plugs into the Duke’s alarm connector
  • No warranty void as no wires are cut
  • Extensively tested on my own and Friends Duke for over 2 months


Final Device, all sealed and ready to Flash:

KTM Duke Flasher ready to Flash!


The white wire loop is an enable/disable line, if this is cut the flasher will stop working. This loop can be cut and a switch can be installed which can be mounted on the handelbar. A simple switch can be bought from ebay for $4-5 from

Or if you are in India from here:

A shot of the Switch mounted on  my Duke:





To change and select an effect, there is a button located inside the device, it is marked as a white spot on the device. The effects cycle from 1-12 one by one when the button is pressed. Once an effect is selected, it is saved in memory.

The button location on the underside:


Effects Button




Installation Procedure:


Locate this connector under the pillion seat:




Remove the Cream color block by pressing the lock and separating the connectors, the connector will now look like this:




Plug the Duke Flasher on the connector:



Now Turn on the ignition and watch it flash!


A video of all of this in action and the 12 effects you can play with:


Some videos from people who have bought it:




To buy one, contact me at spiralbrain at yahoo dot com


Last Updated:  04.05.2013