I recently got myself a new Motorcycle, it is the new Duke 200 from KTM in India. It is a perfect Geeks Bike with all the hi tech electronics. However there is no after market security alarm system available for it yet, can only be imported and costs 250GBP!! . After months of searching I’ve decided to build one of my own..   Thank fully Bajaj have left a Security connector intact for the Indian market. The Alarm is being designed to fit that connector.


KTM Duke 200 125 security alarm Connector


The project isn’t complete yet. The details are as follows:


  • Bluetooth Control
  • App runs on Android
  • Motion Sensor (not yet implemented
  • Immobilizer (not yes implemented)
  • Plug and Play design


Some incomplete board shots:




And a video of it in action:



This project has been put on hold due to excessive current consumption by the Bluetooth module in idle mode.  Will have to wait till I can find a way to reduce the current consumption.


Found it, this is what will work:




Sparkfun: “The RN-42 uses only 26uA in sleep mode while still being discoverable and connectable.”

Now I will wait till I have enough funds allocated for this project, in the meantime here is the pinout for the KTM Duke 200/125 Alarm connector which can be used to connect almost any alarm system to the bike without making any cuts to the electrical system.




Last Updated: 21.07.2012